The improvement of the life quality of the coworkers, the community and the commitment to the customers and shareholders are part of the tradition and management of the sustainable development of Schulz in all its productive chain.

The Environmental Management System, certified by standard NBR ISO 14001 is also confirmation of the genuine commitment to the sustainable development of all the productive chain.

In this context, the company adopts certain practices and develops projects related to the Management of Quality and Environment, such as the Management of Suppliers, the Program  of  Environmental Awareness for coworkers and monitors the Environmental Performance Index, which handles the global management of all the environmental indicators associated with the programs of management and improvement for reuse and  recycling of residue, reduction of consumption of power and water.

Based upon the values of respect for people, Schulz also seeks to evolve in the care of its surroundings furthering differentiated programs with investments in the management and treatment of effluents and projects of responsible performance.

The investment in new processes and technology only increases the care of the company with the environment and society, and reinforces its performance focusing on sustainability.