Training and Human Development

A company in constant evolution requires qualified professionals who seek continuous growth. Schulz has done its part, carrying out daily actions that provide diversified opportunities and modern management practices, in an environment surrounded by committed individuals.

Its more than 3.000 employees are qualified by the Schulz Training School, an initiative that received 1st national place in the Sesi Quality at Work Award and the Ser Humano Award by the Brazilian Association of Human Resources of Santa Catarina (ABRH-SC), for offering continuous operational training in the manufacturing (Machining, Casting, Painting and Compressors) and support areas.

This internal program brought many practical results, which include process standardizations; increased productivity and quality; reduced accidents and greater professional growth opportunities. The trainings’ success is guaranteed by the internal facilitators’ dedication and professionalism.

Similar to the Training School, Standard Operational Training provides knowledge leveling in the first three work days. Newcomers learn, in practice, how the factory’s dynamics work, in addition to being brought up to par on internal rules, policies and procedures.

Schulz also contributes to its employees’ technical training. It improves professional qualification, makes new careers available and trains a significant portion aligned with the company’s values. This training takes place through partnerships with educational institutions: the company subsidizes technical courses in the Metallurgy and Mechanical Manufacturing areas, with an emphasis on CNC. Another modality offered is the Youth and Adult Education (EJA) Professionalizing, which allows finishing high school together with the Standard Machining Operator course, with Introduction to CNC.

Leadership Development

Development of the company’s leadership is carried out through internal and external programs, which work diverse competences in all business units. The model relies on the managers themselves as facilitators, multiplying technical skill knowledge. External partnerships are also used, which develop behavioral skills, in line with each unit’s strategic planning.

Compensation and Benefits

One of Schulz’s differentials is the talented people who work, innovate and grow daily in the company. And, in order to retain and develop these professionals, the company has adopted a competitive and updated salary structure with comparable parameters in the regions where it operates.

In addition to compensation, Schulz offers a Profit Sharing Program (SCP – Schulz Competitiveness Program), which engages, encourages and commits all employees to achieve operational budgetary and economic performance targets.

Benefits offered by Schulz also include health insurance, dental agreement plans, educational and language scholarships, food, transportation vouchers or special transportation, life insurance, wedding allowances, childcare allowances, sports club, flu vaccinations, paternity leave (20 days), extended maternity leave (6 months), banking services, internal parking, optical and medication coverage agreements.