Varied opportunities and modern management practices and policies in an enclosed environment of committed people. That is how Schulz works: aiming at the constant development of more than 2,750 coworkers, so that the results confirm the excellence of the company.

Check out below the differentials of Schulz and see why the company is one of the largest in the world in its segment of performance.

Remuneration and career

To maintain and develop our talents, Schulz adopts the system of Management of  Opportunities and Careers, with a competitive and updated salary structure with comparable parameters in the regions of performance.

Besides the remuneration, Schulz offers: a) Profit Sharing (PSC – Schulz  Competitiveness Program), which involves, encourages and commits all the coworkers to obtaining economic performance and operational budgetary objectives, and b) benefits which include: health plan, dental insurance of low cost, allowance for medicaments, meals, transport, scholarships and languages.

While the career plan is linked to the evaluations of performance, which make the individual and organizational objectives clear and transparent. Furthermore, the evaluation aids in the process of development, encourages the commitment to  results and helps to support the processes of Recruitment and Selection, Training and  Development, Remuneration and Promotion and Career and Succession Plan.

Health and safety

The safety of the operations and health of the coworkers are issues of extreme relevance to Schulz. That is why the coworkers who take part in CIPA (Internal Committee on Accident Prevention) and the Firefighting Group, always have the full support of management, encouraging actions and work of constant training and awareness.


Doing business with integrity is the directive which guides the posture of Schulz regarding the  target groups with which it relates. Indeed, its business will only be sustained if it maintains ethical,  fair and feasible principles for all the parties.

That is why Schulz established a code of ethics and conduct for its coworkers and partners. These tools aid the company in dealing with ethical dilemmas, emphasizing the attitudes and behavior desired, allowed or forbidden in the corporate environment.

And to make this relationship even more transparent, Schulz makes available the Channel of Ethics, a system which enables the dispatch of reports, complaints, suggestions, requests for information and, even, praise.

Every expression received is handled with nondisclosure, preserving the identity of the people involved. In other words, no retaliation is accepted against the person concerned. The main aim is to receive information to further a better environment for all.

By means of this channel, which can be accessed by the internal and external  target groups, it is  possible to analyze and resolve any ethical issues foreseen, or not, in the  Code of Ethics and Conduct of Schulz

The demands raised are analyzed by a Committee of Ethics and Conduct, which seeks suitable and serious solutions for the situations presented. The return is executed only and directly to those concerned who identify themselves.

Warning: subjects not related to ethics and conduct in our relationships will not be resolved by this channel. Use it with awareness and responsibility!