Audaz: the 1st compressor of 5 hp with direct coupling manufactured in Brazil

23/02/2018 - Imprensa

Schulz Compressores continues evolving in manufacturing an unprecedented product for the domestic and foreign markets: the compressor Audaz (MCSV 20). This is the first compressor of 5 hp, with direct coupling, making it a revolutionary product with innovating features.

The excellent performance of the new compressor is directly related to the exclusive technology IC-Tech®, developed by Schulz, which allows quick integrated connection between  stages of high efficiency.

With transmission by direct coupling, Audaz does not have a belt, handwheel, coil or pulley. It is an innovation for reducing power consumption by 20%, compared with the conventional models. All the saving generated by the product allows the return over investment to the end user to occur in up to 30 months.

The technology also improved the air cooling system by forced flow, ensuring the  functioning of the compressor with lower temperatures, which reduces the wear of the components and extends the useful life of the equipment.

The smart construction system of the new compressor offers even further advantages. Besides efficiency, Audaz has the lowest maintenance cost in the category. This is because it is not necessary to change the belt or coil. The lubricating oil MS LUB SCHULZ, specifically for piston air compressors, has durability of up to 300 hours between changes.

Safety is a differential of Audaz. As the transmission is by direct coupling, there are no exposed rotating parts. The air tank is produced as per Administrative Rulings Inmetro (248 and 255, of May 2014), besides following the resolutions of Regulatory Standard (NR) – 13.

Developed internally by engineers, masters and doctors, Audaz is the most important launching of Schulz Compressores in the last ten years. “We invested 2.5 million dollars in two years, projecting 35% growth in sales for the power of 5 hp. Audaz shall attain absolute leadership in the segment, with more than 60% of share”, estimates Ovandi Rosenstock, CEO of Schulz S.A.

The product is indicated for professional and industrial use, being used in automotive repair workshops, toolrooms, joineries, metalwork, paint shops, service stations and industry in general. The new compressor is already on sale in the main specialized resales of machines and equipment, besides home centers and magazines.

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Schulz Compressores

Schulz Compressores is the largest manufacturer of air compressors in Latin America, being present in 70 countries, on all the continents. It is a genuine Brazilian company in Santa Catarina, with head quarter in Joinville (SC) and acknowledged as being one of the most complete air compressor factories in the world.                                                                                It offers the residential, professional and industrial market a complete line in the generation, treatment and storage of compressed air. Besides alternative piston, diaphragm and screw compressors from 5 up to 250 hp, it has refrigerated and adsorption air dryers, line and coalescence filters, condensate separators, pneumatic tools, electrical tools and accessories for residential, professional and industrial applications.                             

Schulz Compressors is present in all the domestic territory with more than 7 thousand resales and has the largest network of authorized technical assistance in air compressors in Latin America, with more than 500 units.

The company also stands out for the modern management system, in constant evolution at both the administrative and productive as well as the commercial level. Its more than 2,800 coworkers configure labor highly qualified by the programs of the Capacitation School, an initiative awarded nationally by the Social Service for Industry (Sesi), in  offering continuous operational training in the areas of Machining, Casting, Painting and Compressors. This internal program brings practical results, which include the standardization of the processes; increase in productivity; reduction of rework, scrap and accidents and opportunity for professional growth. The human investment is concerned with the safety of its coworkers with the adaptation of the work posts, ergonomic cells, program of awareness and training.