Schulz supplies special air compressors to Petrobras

22/06/2018 - Imprensa

Schulz has just concluded the project of manufacturing three special rotary screw compressors ordered by Petrobras. The business was the result of a bidding process which Schulz won at the end of 2017 and confirms the excellence of the company in  developing and manufacturing special products for the Oil&Gas segment. The project is differentiated and sole in Brazil, as it allows the products to be installed in a classified area (place with explosive atmosphere) using frequency inverter in the drive of the  compressors.

Confirming its commitment to supplying the compressors strictly within the term agreed upon, the products were approved and released for delivery after an inspection executed by a team of auditors of Petrobras in the products manufactured.

“I congratulate all the team for the professionalism and dedication which was given to this project and that will enable us for future challenges with the customer Petrobras”, acknowledged Denis Soncini, director of operations of Schulz Compressores.

With more than 55 years’ experience completed recently, the project shows the market the capacity and know how of Schulz for developing and manufacturing special air  compressors for applications which require high technical rigor.

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