Schulz attends the 38th CIOSP

13/12/2019 - Imprensa

Largest compressor manufacturer in Latin America offers oil less technology for clinical and dental practice applications

Schulz, a reference in quality for compressors, will resume its participation in the International Congress of Dentistry of São Paulo. The event will be held between January 29 and February 1, 2020, in São Paulo, and brings together thousands of dental professionals, academics and companies in the field.

As a highlight, Schulz presents the most complete line of medical-dental reciprocating piston compressors in Brazil, with models that serve up to 20 dental offices. They are efficient, durable and safe products whose components meet regulatory requirements following the highest quality standards. The compressors have an antibacterial additive in the internal painting of the tank, which reinforces the care with biosafety. In addition, oil less compressor units ensure air quality, free of oil-based contaminants, without smoke or odor during operation. When it comes to health, the trust of those with more than 55 years of experience is critical.

Visitors will also be able to check out the SCR 4005E TS oil less scroll compressor which, in addition to the shortest maintenance cycle on the market (every 10,000 hours or at least every 2 years of operation), allows to integrate air dryer and tank, generating high quality, condensate free compressed air.

Visit our booth and check out the 38º CIOSP exclusive special conditions.

  • When: January 29th to February 1st, 2020
  • Hours: 10am to 8pm
  • Where: Expo Center Norte – 333 José Bernardo Pinto Street – Vila Guilherme – São Paulo / SP
  • Booth: 17041-17045

Quality and innovation

Schulz Compressors is recognized as one of the most complete air compressor factories in the world. Besides alternative piston, diaphragm and screw compressors from 1/5 up to 250 hp, it has refrigerated and adsorption air dryers, line and coalescence filters, condensate separators, pneumatic tools and accessories for use in industries, services and hobby.

The brand is present in more than 10,000 distributors in Brazil and has representatives in Latin America, North America, Africa and Asia, as well as 700 Customer Service Centers (SAC), making up the largest service network. of Brazil. Exports reach over 70 countries on all continents.

It maintains an agreement with renowned universities, stimulating research and development of products and processes through a team of masters and doctors, who follow the worldwide technological trends. The result is the annual launch of dozens of products. Currently, 50% of the company’s revenue corresponds to items launched in the last five years.