Screw Compressors

SRP 4000 Flex

The SRP 4000 Flex Line, available from 5 to 250 hp, offers the complete industrial solution for those seeking energy efficiency in the generation, treatment and storage of compressed air all in one equipment. The compressors minimize energy consumption up to 38%, reduce pressure variations in the network and the air production is adjusted according to the demand of the factory. This line owns the most modern in the technology of compressors with variable speed controlled by frequency inverter. Designed to operate 24 h/day in places with ambient temperature up to 45 °C, they are equipped with a high efficiency vehicle air filter which improves the quality of the air sucked in. Their electronic controller monitors the machine continually, signals failures and provides remote or local start. These compressors have low noise level and all the integrated air treatment system* reduces the costs with installation, pressure drops and risks of air leakages. Choose one of the options of the SRP 4000 Flex Line which best meets your needs.

*coalescence filters + air dryer + air tank

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