Pneumatic Tools

Roloc® / Speed Lok® Sander – SFL 25 R

The Roloc® (3M) / Speed Lok® (Norton) Sander SFL 25R is practical and ergonomic with easy grip and drive. Easy to handle, its use is indicated in the grinding and finishing of points and splashes of weld, removal of burrs, bevels and preparation for painting in places of difficult access. It can also be used on plastic and wooden surfaces. The silencer hose reduces the noise of the equipment, which improves comfort during the service.

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Dados Técnicos
Base (pol.) 3
Comprimento (mm) 165
Consumo de Ar (l/s) 11.8
Consumo de Ar (pcm) 25.0
Diâmetro da Mangueira (pol.) 1/4
Entrada de Ar Niple (pol.) 1/4
Nível de Ruído (dbA) 78
Potência Útil (hp) 0.3
Potência Útil (W) 225
Pressão de Trabalho (psi) 90
Rotação Livre (rpm) 16,000
Vibração (m/s²) 2.5