Pneumatic Tools

Impact Wrench 3/4″ – SFI 1300

The Impact Wrench 3/4″ SFI 1300 with impact system Pin Clutch is ideal for professional and industrial applications of tightening bolts up to M24 (1″). The Pin Clutch is a system of pins and balls which provide a smooth and progressive tightening with high torque and low weight. This system is recommended for use in production lines and bolting operations which require high speed for greater productivity, tightening truck engines and heavy maintenance.

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Dados Técnicos
Capacidade do Parafuso M24
Comprimento (mm) 250
Consumo de Ar (l/s) 16.5
Consumo de Ar (pcm) 35.0
Diâmetro da Mangueira (pol.) 1/4
Encaixe Quadrado (pol.) 3/4
Entrada de Ar Niple (pol.) 1/4
Nível de Ruído (dbA) 90
Pressão de Trabalho (psi) 90
Rotação Livre (rpm) 3,800
Sistema de Impacto Pin Clutch
Torque Máximo Aperto (Nm) 1,216
Vibração (m/s²) 6.1