Pneumatic Tools

Air Hammer Kit – SFP 30

The Air Hammer Kit SFP 30 is practical and strong. Indicated for use in building, it allows breaking concrete, removing tiles, executing slots in masonry walls and breaking dry cement of concrete mixers. Furthermore, it can be used to open groove in steel plate and cut the heads of rivets and bolts. The set comes with 5 chisels and a plastic case.

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Dados Técnicos
Cinzéis 5
Comprimento (mm) 210
Consumo de Ar (l/s) 7.1
Consumo de Ar (pcm) 15.0
Curso (mm) 66
Diâmetro da Mangueira (pol.) 1/4
Entrada de Ar Niple (pol.) 1/4
Impactos por Minuto (rpm) 3,000
Nível de Ruído (dbA) 99
Pressão de Trabalho (psi) 90
Vibração (m/s²) 13.7