Retractable Hose Reel Air Plus A 30M

The Retractable Reel Air Plus A 30M facilitates your routine and organizes your space. The item has a hose of 30 m and allows angular movement of 180°. With automatic lock, it also facilitates the locking and collection of the hose in a simple way. The accessory includes fasteners and support for fastening to the wall and ensures maximum practicality in hose storage.

Dados Técnicos
Comprimento da Mangueira (m) 30
Dimensões L x A x P (cm) 52 x 25 x 46
Peso Líquido (kg) 12.8
Pressão Máxima de Trabalho (bar) 18
Temperatura de Trabalho (°C) -5 to 45
Uso em Compressed air