Column and Bench Equipments

Miter and Bench Saw 8”

The Miter and Bench Saw 8″ ensures practicality and versatility in the execution of residential work in wood, plastic and other materials of similar hardness. Compact and light, it is easy to transport and install. This saw has double function: miter saw for precise cut at several angles and bench saw for lengthways cuts. Produced with a reinforced aluminum structure, it has a blade and chip protector as per NR-12, which grants safety in handling and operating the equipment.

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Dados Técnicos
Diâmetro do Disco (pol) 8
Dimensões do Produto LxAxP (cm) 38.5 x 30 x 41.5
Peso Líquido (kg) 12
Potência (W) 1,200
Rotação (rpm) 4,500