Pneumatic Tools

Stapler – SG 1216

The Stapler SG 1216 is the model indicated for professional application in tapestry, upholstery, joinery, acoustic insulation, decoration, PVC lining, furniture industry, crates, pallets, boxes, cabinets, frames, among other processes of fastening in wood. Light and quick, the equipment uses staples type PCW or 80 with holding capacity of 160 staples.

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Dados Técnicos
Altura do Grampo (mm) 6 - 16
Capacidade do Pente 160
Consumo de Ar (l/s) 1.0
Consumo de Ar (pcm) 2.0
Diâmetro da Mangueira (pol.) 1/4
Entrada de Ar Niple (pol.) 1/4
Largura do Grampo (mm) 12.7
Peso Líquido (kg) 1.00
Pressão de Trabalho (psi) 80 - 100
Tipo de Grampo 80 or PWC