Pneumatic Tools

Stapler – SG 1150

The Stapler SG 1150 is the model indicated for use in construction and professional application in packaging and larger wooden structures such as upholstered, funeral urns and furniture in general. Quick and resistant, the equipment uses staples type Coroa 14 with holding capacity of 150 staples.

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Dados Técnicos
Altura do Grampo (mm) 25 - 50
Capacidade do Pente 150
Consumo de Ar (l/s) 2.4
Consumo de Ar (pcm) 5.0
Diâmetro da Mangueira (pol.) 1/4
Entrada de Ar Niple (pol.) 1/4
Largura do Grampo (mm) 11.1
Peso Líquido (kg) 2.20
Pressão de Trabalho (psi) 70 - 120
Tipo de Grampo Crown 14