Column and Bench Equipments

Bench Grinder 10”

Silent, light and compact, the Bench Grinder 10″ (254 mm) is ideal for sharpening and roughing metal parts in general. It’s indicated for use in workshops, studios, toolrooms, small industries, etc. It has rubber feet which reduce the vibration, wheel guards, magnetic interrupter with emergency button and adjustable tool rests to ensure even greater safety in your day-to-day. The equipment includes two grinding wheels: 1 for roughing (granulometry A-36) and 1 for sharpening (granulometry A-60). Furthermore, it has side protectors in the grinding wheels and spark arretors, as per requirements of NR-12, which provides greater safety for the operator.

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Dados Técnicos
Dimensões do Produto LxAxP (cm) 47.1 x 31.9 x 26.8
Peso Bruto (kg) 29
Peso Líquido (kg) 28
Potência do motor (hp) 1
Rotação (rpm) 3,560